It’s Thursday and I am bringing you quite possibly one of the best purple nail polishes ever to grace the fingernails of the world!

I do not exaggerate people. I had my doubts about NARS Purple Rain being this good because I was disappointed a little with Chanel Vendetta, which was also totally hyped. But as soon as I saw Scrangie’s swatches, I placed my order!

Purple Rain is part of the NARS spring 2010 collection. It’s just gorgeous, as you will soon discover.

The formula was like butter, so flawless and wonderful, as you would expect from NARS.

I am tempting the evil eBay thieves by not watermarking these but they were so nice I couldn’t bear it! These are all taken indoors with and without flash. Peep and drool!

Purple Rain (with flash)

Purple Rain is a jewel toned deep purple with blue and red shimmer running throughout. The color changes depending on which way you turn your hand, it’s just stunning. I had my whole “Top 5 Purples” post all figured out until this baby came. Now I have to re-think things, because this is definitely in there! The closest other purple I own to this is Illamasqua Baptiste, but this seems to have more of the blue and red shimmer and this isn’t as “blackened” as Baptiste can look. This was two coats.

Purple Rain (no flash)

Purple Rain (with flash)

Purple Rain (with flash, zoom shot)

You can find Purple Rain at Sephora and the price was $16.00 and WELL worth it, I might add!

Ok people I need to know, are you loving this one?


Written by Kelly
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