What’s shakin’ internet?

I have some nail polish and makeup porn for you today. 🙂

As you may already know from my Tweets and maybe a blog post on here, I recently got some new storage cabinets from Ikea. Well I finally got them put together and stocked full of goodies, so I thought I would show you pics. Enjoy!

Warning: This is picture heavy!

Alex from Ikea is on the right. Alex has 9 drawers. 5 smaller or more shallow ones and 4 deep ones. On the left I have two of my 4 drawer plastic rolling carts from Target stacked on top of each other (minus the wheels of course). I needed a way to create more space so thought stacking them would be a good idea. The only thing is, these are plastic and slippery. So what we (me and N___.) did was we put some of that sticky-ish drawer liner in between the stacks to make that more stable. Then we drilled a screw into the top one, and attached it to the wall. You see, we kinda have to do that with anything tall and heavy here in earthquake country anyway. Now it’s really sturdy. I have another one of these 4 drawer plastic bins on the other side of the closet also filled with nail polish, which you have seen in past posts.

Alex drawer 1: Filled mostly with eyeshadows, loose pigments, Stila smudge pots, Benefit creaseless creams, MAC Shadesticks, MAC Paint Pots and MAC Paints. Also some Urban Decay creme shadows and a Too Faced one.

Alex drawer 2: This is where all my eyeshadow palettes live. In the back are the three 88 palettes I have (including the “regular color one”, warm and ultra shimmer) and some Nars. Then in the middle I have Urban Decay Book of Shadows II, three of the Kat Von D palettes and some smaller shadows of hers. Then in the front I have a large MAC palette and small ones as well as 3 from Sigma and one from Stila.

Alex drawer 3: Here is where all my blushes and highlighters are kept. As you can see, most blushes are from MAC, but I also have some from NARS, Benefit, Too Faced, Illamasqua and Sigma. Also love Benefit’s Pose Tint and High Beam. I have Make Up For Ever’s HD illuminating stuff (which does nothing for me) in the back and then Smashbox, MAC, Carmindy for Sally Hansen, and a Lorac waaaay in the back.

Alex drawer 4: Lipstick galore! I have 35 (now 36) MAC lipsticks in here, some are well over a decade old which you can see from the old packaging. Then also I have a few from other brands like Illamasqua, Yves Saint Laurent, Trucco, Stila, L’Oreal, Victoria’s Secret, Maybelline, Avon, and Chanel samplers. I want to get a lipstick holder for these so I can actually see the names. This isn’t a good way to store them, but it’s what I have for now. I know on eBay they sell these clear plastic lipstick containers that hold 50 lipsticks, and they are pretty inexpensive, so I think I shall be getting one of those soon.

Alex drawer 5: Here I have a potpourri of things. In the back I’ve got foundations, concealers and powders that I don’t use at the moment. In the middle I have my eyeliner pens, mascaras, some NYX sticks and two Urban Decay Potion Primer samples. In the front I have Urban Decay liquid liners, a Kat Von D liquid liner, MAC Liquidlast liners (which DO NOT COME OFF so I never use them anymore), GOSH liquid liners (I picked up in jolly old England) and some other drugstore brand liners.

Alex drawer 6: And now we come to lip glosses. I have a ton as you can see. In the back is Kat Von D, Tarte and Smashbox. Then I have some Sephora ones and lots of Zoya Hot Lips. And then in the middle it’s a hodge-podge of brands like Benefit, Clinique, Stila, Yves Saint Laurent, Smashbox, Chanel, NARS, Dior and Prescriptives.. The front far left is where my MAC Dazzleglasses are (I have 4 and rarely wear them, I don’t really like them much). In the glass jar on the front right is where all my MAC lipglasses are (I have 2-3 more now). I would say these are my favorite glosses, even though they are sticky as hell. Alex drawers 7-9 right now are just filled with hair crap, nothing interesting. 🙂

And here is Helmer in red. He also comes in silver and white. Helmer is a 6 drawer, kind of narrow, metal cabinet. He was relatively cheap at only $40.00, and is the perfect height for nail polish bottles. I have heard some people say they didn’t like Helmer because he was flimsy. I don’t have that experience, he’s prety darn sturdy for me. He hasn’t found his permanent home yet, so for now he’s in my bathroom area. Oh and watch out for Helmer’s sharp corners, I slammed my thigh into a corner in the middle of the night and had a bruise for weeks on my leg, ow!

I’m just showing you one drawer of Helmer since what I keep in here is mostly “to be swatched” items. But this is what it looks like inside. You can see it’s a little narrow, but pretty efficient for nail polish. A good tip if you get pretty much any cabinet is to get some of that kitchen drawer liner and lay it down inside before you load it. Otherwise stuff slides around like crazy, especially in this because it’s metal.

And finally this is just a drawer built into my sink area. I keep the stuff I use pretty much every single day in here, as well as all my lip and eyeliners. So on the back left we have my Make Up For Ever concealer palette, some Neutrogena SPF/moisturizer, Laura Mercier silk foundation (but I have since switched to Chanel Pro Lumiere and LOVE it!), some Bobbi Brown under eye moisturizer, some Bobbi Brown pink concealer, and my favorite stand-by for the last 12+ years, MAC Omega eyeshadow, which is the perfect brow color for me. Also under that stuff is a Benefit brow wax kit, which I don’t like as much as MAC Omega. Then I’ve got a Make Up For Ever HD powder container and some bobby pins and hair clips. Also have my Urban Decay Potion Primer, MAC Fast Response eye cream, clear mascara from Maybelline (which I use to keep my brows in place), a Dior Skinflash concealer and my Shu Umeura lash curler. In the front are 8 billion eye and lip liners. Most of these are either MAC or Urban Decay, but I also have some from Make Up For Ever, L’Oreal, Rimmel, etc.

Hope you enjoyed this!


Written by Kelly
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