Morning everyone!

Today I have a guest post by Joanne Crandell. Joanne isn’t a blogger, per se, but she does post a lot on a make up forum that was started last January called Majyk. Her user name is PearlDiva.

Joanne has a different perspective on nail polish that I thought was interesting. Read on!

Being a woman of an interesting age, I have seen fashion come and go. Low rise jeans? I wore them in the 70’s when they were called hip huggers. Leggings? As much as I love the 80’s, I will pass on those. Just because you can wear something does not mean you should.

When it comes to nail polish colors, there is no age restriction. I will admit, after age 40 I stuck to 2 colors. Taupe in the winter/fall, pearl white in the summer/spring. Then I discovered the wonder world of nail polish blogs, like Vampy Varnish. The pictures drew in me. I discovered brands I never knew existed. The colors, what wonderful colors!

I dipped my toe, all 10 and my fingers too, into greens, blues, and let us not forget glitters. I polka dotted my nails and did funky french manis. Lo and behold, I got compliments! Lots and lots of them.

Nail polish lets me have fun and express myself. It is the one fashion area I can go a little wild with and not feel like I am trying to be an age I am not.

My favorite remover is Zoya Remover+. I have used straight acetone, used the drugstore brands, nothing compares to Zoya. Not only does it dissolve the polish fast, it does not dry out my cuticles. It is the best to take glitter polish off. The pump bottle is another plus. You pump what you need, there is no waste. The bottle never leaks. It is very well designed.

The best top coat in my opinion is China Glaze Fast Forward. It dries lightening fast, definitely the fastest drying top coat ever! It gives a high shine too.

As far as polish, my top two favs are Zoya and China Glaze. They are not the most expensive nor are they the cheapest, but they proved to be the most durable for me. I don’t limit myself to those two brands. I am a big fan of Nubar, Nfu Oh, OPI, Orgasm and Lippmann. If there is a color I like, I don’t care about the brand.

Here is my holiday mani.

China Glaze Atlantis and Moulin Rouge. Atlantis reminds me of a Christmas tree with lights. Fast Forward Top Coat really brings the glitter to life.

If you have been unsure about using some colors, maybe the new year is the perfect time to try something different.

I bet you get a lot of compliments!

Three things about Joanne:

  • She is an mod on the forum
  • She is a nail polish addict
  • She lives in MD with her dog Sadie, who does not wear nail polish 😉

So what do you guys think about “older” women wearing glittery or vampy nail polish? Let us know!

Thanks Joanne!


Written by Kelly
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