This was a Christmas gift this year to me from N___. This is my attempt to be like Joan on Mad Men. Ok not really, but I DO love this necklace and am a necklace fiend in general. This is a replica (obviously) of one of those old fashioned pen necklaces from long ago. This does have an actual pen that works though, which I love. If you Google “Mad Men Pen Necklace” you will find all kinds similar to this sold from Amazon to Etsy. They range in price from like $20.00 on up to real gold ones for a few hundred dollars.

Source: We Sew Fashion

Here Joan is wearing it on Mad Men, she wears it in nearly every scene. I have only seen season 1 & 2 so far and have avoided all spoilers for season 3, so please don’t tell me anything here if you have seen it! Now, if only I could get my hair into a beehive like that I would be set…

Written by Kelly
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