Update: These are now available for purchase on Overall Beauty! The link is here.

Good morning!

Today I can finally reveal the secret I have been talking about on Twitter! This is super duper exciting news that I have had to keep a lid on for many months. I have partnered with BB Couture to create my own nail polish collection called The Vampy Varnish Collection!!! It’s simply beyond magnificent for me to be able to finally tell you guys!

I am extremely excited to work with BB Couture because I REALLY believe in their polishes. They have fast become one of my favorite brands. The colors are totally unique and amazing, the polish formula is spot on, and I love that they don’t follow what everyone else is doing.

The idea came about because there were some colors I had in my head that I really wanted to see in real life. I approached Cindy Scott, the creator of BB Couture, and asked what she thought about my ideas. She loved them and said she wanted to work together.

Maybe you are wondering just how the whole process worked. It was actually pretty simple. Cindy would send me test samples of what she imagined the colors in my brain to be, and we would work from there. Some were right on and didn’t need any changing, some needed a few tweaks. But finally after awhile we had a collection of 6 polishes that we were both very happy with. Then came the fun part – I got to name them all (with her final approval)! I decided to name most of them after places around the Bay Area that meant something to me. A couple of the names are just for fun. πŸ˜‰

So before we get to the swatches I thought you might want to learn a little more about BB Couture, so I asked Cindy some questions.

  • How did you get started in the nail polish business? I used to use my mother’s Cutex Hot Pink (back then they only had a couple of colors; pink and red). I started using it when I was about 3. I even remember eating it when my mother was not looking (I am surprised I survived that one.) In the late 90’s, I worked in sales for Toma Industries. That’s when I really got into polish.
  • How did you come up with the name BB Couture? BB stands for Botanical Babes. When we started this, we made a formula that didn’t contain any formaldehyde , DBP or toluene. I used to get upset when I bought polish in the past and I would ask the salemen if it had those ingredients, and he would say no. Then I got home and read the label, and come to find out it had all three.
  • What is your favorite color from your brand? My favorite color from my brand has to be Hermosa Surfer Girl, I am very proud of that one.

  • What is the process for creating a polish from conception to finished product? First we come up with a color that we like (if we are not in a creative mood nothing gets done), then we test it. Many times we have to start over, things just aren’t as we thought they would be (you understand how that works).Β  We show it to different people and get different opinions. Then naming is somewhat difficult too; the colors are tossed around until we come up with a good theme and names. We then bottle it and label it.
  • Are you getting a lot of men ordering the mens line for themselves? There are a few men ordering for themselves, and they ave very grateful.

And now without further adieu, The Vampy Varnish Collection!

BB Couture Kelly's Green
Kelly’s Green

Kelly’s Green is an avocado green with small pieces of black, green and gold glitter. I really wanted to see an avocado green with glitter, and had never seen it, so I created it. I love the way this turned out! The name of course is a play on both the color kelly green and my name. This goes on a little sheer at first, but is perfect after three coats.

BB Couture Kelly's Green Zoom
Kelly’s Green zoom shot

BB Couture Union Square
Union Square

Union Square is a taupe/gold foil with a green and pink micro glitter. I love this, I think it’s so unique looking and applied like a dream. No streaks and opaque in just two coats. I named this after one of my favorite spots in San Francisco. I think it looks sophisticated yet still edgy.

BB Couture Union Square Zoom
Union Square zoom shot

BB Couture Mendocino Midnight
Mendocino Midnight

Mendocino Midnight is a really dark teal that leans towards the blue side. It’s jam packed with micro glitter in green, blue and pink. This is named after a town about 3 1/2 hours north of the Bay Area called Mendocino. I camped there probably 2-3 times a year my entire childhood, and now my parents live there. Because the sky is so black and crystal clear (when it’s not foggy) you can see tons of stars, and this reminds me of the night sky. This is three coats.

BB Couture Mendocino Midnight Zoom
Mendocino Midnight zoom shot

BB Couture Redwood Forest
Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest is a forest green packed with light blue, small flake glitter. What I love about this green is it’s not like any other I own. This isn’t emerald and it’s not teal and it’s not olive. The flake glitter makes it extra special! Redwood Forest is named after the giant Redwood trees found all over the Bay Area. This is three coats.

BB Couture Redwood Forest Zoom
Redwood Forest zoom shot

BB Couture Napa Valley Red
Napa Valley Red

Napa Valley Red is a deep, burgundy red with red and pink small glitter pieces. It’s almost jelly-like in consistency. This color is stunning! I really wanted a totally vampy red that had a lit from within effect, and this is definitely it. This one I swatched one time and immediately knew nothing had to be changed about it! It’s named after the Napa Valley Wine Country, which is about 40 minutes north from me. If you are planning a trip to the Bay Area, you have to check it out, it’s beautiful up there. Oh and I don’t even drink wine! This is three coats.

BB Couture Napa Valley Red Zoom
Napa Valley Red zoom shot

BB Couture Vampy Varnish
Vampy Varnish

Vampy Varnish is a black base with olive green and emerald green glitter pieces. I had this color in my mind forever! I wanted a black with olive green in it and could never find one. This was the hardest one to capture for us, but after I think 5 or 6 tries, we nailed it! This one is a little “chunky” in texture, but it’s very slight, and a top coat smooths it out perfectly. It’s named, obviously, after my website! This is three coats.

BB Couture Vampy Varnish Zoom
Vampy Varnish zoom shot

There you have it! What do you guys think? I would love hear to your thoughts on my new collection, so please leave a comment, and let me know which ones you liked!

These should be available very soon on both BB Couture’s website here and Overall Beauty here. They will retail for $9.00 each.

Oh and stay tuned because soon I will be giving away two sets of my new collection to a couple lucky people!


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Written by Kelly
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