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I hope your week is flying by and is a short one so you can celebrate the holidays soon!

Today I will be showing you Nubar’s new collection of holographic glitter colors called the Prisms Collection, which is made up of eight new colors.

Nubar’s formula is most excellent these are all just top notch, I had no issues whatsoever. They are very holographic also, not just a little bit. Some don’t look like they would be in the bottles but once they’re on its a different story. A couple are more glittery than the others, and I’ll point those out below. All of these were three coats. Check them out!

Nubar Spark

Spark is a pale beige/gold base with small holo glitter. This is the most “natural” color of the set and the most tame.

Nubar Jewel

Jewel is a dark taupe base and filled with super duper holo glitter. This was one of the ones that stood out more. I love it, it’s my fav of the bunch.

Nubar Gem

Gem is a very pale greyish pink with chunkier holo glitter.

Nubar Brilliant

Brilliant is a medium pink with small holo glitter. I didn’t love this pink on me, but it’s still a nice color overall.

Nubar Essence

Essence is more of a coral colored pink with small holo glitter. Again I didn’t love this color on me that much.

Nubar Absolute

Absolute is a light blue with small holo glitter. Love this one, love pretty much all blue polish on me!

Nubar Prize

Prize is a bright cherry pink and has the chunkier holo glitter.

Nubar Treasure

Treasure is a grape purple also with a huge holo impact. This one was my second favorite, gorgeous!

Overall I think this is a really great collection, especially for those who are way into holographic colors.

You will be able to find these on Nubar’s website on January 1st, and they retail for about $7.50 each.


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Written by Kelly
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