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Today I am showing you a spring 2010 preview. Yep that’s right, the spring stuff is now officially being rolled out!

As you know I have shown a lot of the new CND Colour and Effects recently. Those were all part of their core line. The two I am showing today will be limited edition. Check them out!

CND Sweet

Sweet is a poppy pink creme. My camera made this look a wee bit more coral than it is in real life. It’s very pretty, vivid and perfect for spring. This was two coats.

CND Sweet with Sugar Sparkle effect
Sweet with Sugar Sparkle Effect

Sweet with the Sugar Sparkle effect is really pretty in real life. The effect is filled with odd-shaped and different sized silvery flat “sugar” chunks. I haven’t yet tested it over anything else, but I’ll wager it looks spectacular over purples and blues also.

CND Sweet macro sun
Sugar Sparkle zoom in the sun

CND Sweet macro shade
Sugar Sparkle zoom in the shade

CND Sweet with Sugar Sparkle effect and matte top coat
Sweet with Sugar Sparkle Effect and Super Matte top coat

Now here I did Sweet with the Sugar Sparkle Effect and their Super Matte top coat. The “matteness” isn’t as obvious with this as I thought it would be, but if you look at the regular picture above and this, you can tell a slight difference. I will test out the Super Matte top coat with other polishes later and show those you can get a better idea.

These won’t be available until March or April of 2010 and will be limited edition, and I believe sold together. The price is $20.00.

What’s the verdict, do you like this pink or effect or combo? Have you tried their effects yet and if so, which ones?


It’s Saturday, any big plans? I don’t have any, we aren’t feeling up to snuff in my house so it’s probably going to be a very low-key weekend.


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