Edit: It has since been discovered that this collection isn’t new (according to a few readers) but old, and possibly from the 90’s! That does explain a lot, LOL. Thanks all!

Dobri ranok (good morning in Ukrainian)!

Sally Hansen released some special edition glitters recently, and one of my readers was nice enough to send them to me! I never would have found these myself because none of the drug stores around me are that great with their Sally Hansen updating.

A word about the formula. It isn’t the best. That’s actually being very generous, it’s pretty awful. Only one of them, Hologem which has a clear base, wasn’t a hot streaky mess. They were very watery, and just plain icky. On two of them the glitter settled to the bottom of the polish so it wasn’t very prominent. These just felt like super cheap rush colors to me somehow. Check them out and judge for yourself.

Sally Hansen Hologem

Hologem is a clear base with silver holographic glitter. This was the only one I didn’t have issues with. This was two coats.

Sally Hansen Nuclear

Nuclear is a yellow base with holographic glitter. Words do not even describe how horrific this look on me. It looks like I was in a nuclear war, LOL! This was super streaky and quite frankly, I’m not sure this color would look good on any skin tone. This was three coats.

Sally Hansen Radar

Radar is a plum/brown/red base with holographic glitter. This was also super streaky and the glitter sank to the bottom so it was very prominent. I really do not like this color on me either! This was three coats.

Sally Hansen Magnet

Magnet is a medium blue base with holographic glitter. This too was streaky and watery and the glitter sank to the bottom. This was three coats.

Overall I’m not as thrilled with these as I thought I would be when I first saw them. I feel like Sally Hansen missed the mark completely on them, and I expect better! You can (maybe) find these in your local drug stores where they carry the Sally Hansen brand.


Written by Kelly
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