It’s November!

So Halloween 2009 is over, and now we are all looking forward to Thanksgiving. Then next…I don’t even want to think about it yet.

I wound up not dressing up this year, just wasn’t feelin’ it at the time. However, The Hubbie (also soon to be known as _____.), a friend, my step-daughter, and her friend all dressed up and made the garage quite the fright fest!

We have been doing up the front yard area for the last three years, and every year its grown. This year we did up half the garage. Next year, who knows! People come by now because they know we have the scariest stuff in the neighborhood, and this year people were even stopping and taking pics! We got about between 100-125 kids this year. People actually drive to our neighborhood to trick or treat from other areas because our area rocks. 🙂

Now remember, I couldn’t get good pics actually showing how creepy it was in the dark. We had a black light on, a red light on and a fog machine. Also super creepy music blaring. No one moved a muscle, people had to approach them at their own risk…

The Scene Daylight
Daylight Scene I (note the most expert application of blood splatter, courtesy of yours truly. Guess all those reality crime shows I watch paid off!)

The Scene Daylight2
Daylight Scene II

Severed Head
Severed Head

The Zombies
The Zombie Princesses

The Vampyre
The Vampyre

The Vampyre and Zombies
The Vampyre and Zombie Princesses

The Scene
The night scene with a friend playing the butcher zombie (remember this looked super cool from the street with black light and fog machine. Wish I could have captured that on camera!)

Until next year…BOO!


Written by Kelly
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