Happy weekend!

Today I have a color that was my #1 lemming for over a year, China Glaze Out On Safari. I couldn’t find this long discontinued color anywhere online, not even on eBay for an insane amount of money. But one day not too long ago, I was looking at nail pics on Flickr,and came across a swatch of it on Lextard’s photostream. I emailed her to ask her where she got it to see if perhaps that seller had another one. She replied back (she happened to be a reader of my blog!) and said she would send me hers because she didn’t particularly love it, and had only used it for a swatch once. I was shocked and amazed that someone would be that generous! I tried talking her out of it (not THAT hard), but she insisted. 🙂

When the package came, I was only expecting Out On Safari, and I was super duper excited about it. But she sent me over twenty-five polishes!! So amazing!

This past weekend I finally was caught up enough on seasonal collections to actually fully swatch this one, and it’s everything I expected and more. But it didn’t start out that way. With the first two coats I was a little underwhelmed and kinda bummed out that maybe my fantasy outlived reality. But by the third coat the color got so opaque and deep, I fell in love, and it wound up being exactly as I had imagined. Check it out!

China Glaze Out On Safari
Out On Safari

Even if you don’t have an obsession with khaki/olive greens like I do, you must like this, right? For me it’s just a perfect combination of green, khaki and shimmer. And it suits my skin tone perfectly as well. This has now taken over as my #1 favorite green, as I was hoping it would!Â

China Glaze Out On Safari Macro
Out On Safari macro shot

China Glaze, if you are reading this, you seriously need to bring this color back! SOOO many people love greens, and this one is really unique. I don’t know of any dupes to it (or I would have already owned them)!

Sorry if I now have you lusting after this elusive beauty, but she just couldn’t not be shown!. 🙂 Thanks Alexa!!


Written by Kelly
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