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Today I have a guest post from blogger Lacquer Laine. Check out her swatches and review!

You know those nail polishes you see in the drugstore with the exotic name, interesting trapezoidal bottle, and a hefty price tag? Borghese? I have never, ever bought one! You know why? I haven’t because I have never, ever been impressed by any of the colors. There are browns and whites, pinks and reds, and none of them are pretty or unique enough to spend $9 a bottle. Until now! Borghese has released some nail polish sets for the holidays, and they are loaded with glitter and shimmer, and they are really pretty! The only difference is that they are mini bottles (0.14 oz.). These polishes have a nice smooth formula, and all swatches were done in two coats.

The set we will be looking at today is called “Allegra”. The individual polishes however, do not have names.

Gold-gold glitter-1

This is a very yellow gold with gold glitter. The glitter is a more toned down gold then the base, and I really enjoy the two shades together. It gives more depth. The glitter is not very dense. It’s not a “super-glitter” like the new Zoya glitters. That makes for easy removal.

Red-red glitter

This red glitter is stunning! It is very bright and very, cherry red. It is visibly glittery and bright even in low lights. It makes me feel very glamorous. This is a small particle glitter, but it is denser than the gold. It nearly covers completely in 2 coats.

White shimmer

This is a delicate, yet beautiful white. It appears that it is made up just of shimmer particles in a clear base. It glints little hints of pink and green if it catches the light right.

Black-silver glitter

Silver glitter in a black base may not seem terribly unique, however I think this one is very special. It has lots of glitter; lots of very shiny, sparkly glitter. The glitter is made up of different sized particles giving it added depth.

These are mini bottles which means they have shorter brushes than full sized bottles, but the brush does seem decently full, and it is slightly rounded which I like. It makes painting around my cuticle easy since they are pretty round. This set retails for $9.99 and can be found in drug stores.

I really hope that these sets are Borghese testing the waters with glitter colors and maybe they will start giving us these gorgeous, glittering colors in full-size bottles. They do a great job at them so I pray they give us more!

Three interesting things about Lacquer Laine:

  • She is a research engineer for an energy/environmental organization in Chicago
  • She has about 370 bottles of nail polishes
  • She loves photography and carries her camera with her everywhere she goes. Even to work!

What do you guys think of these? I really love the black glitter one in particular!


Written by Kelly
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