Haaaaaaaaayyyyy party people!

I feel the need to tell you that I am really not as chipper as I sound in the morning. In fact, I am SOOOO not a morning person, though I get up at 5:10 am for work every day. I am much more chipper when I write, than in person πŸ˜‰

Today I’ve got Zoya’s new Ultra Glitter collection. These are SUPER glittery and blingtastic! BUT not as blingtastic as they would have been if the sun had been out when I took the pics, sorry!

The formula on these is on the thick side because they are so jam packed with glitter. When applying wait a few minutes in-between coats otherwise the polish tends to glob on the tip of the nail. They do have that “chunky” texture that a lot of glitters have also, but that mostly goes away after a nice top coat. Peep ’em out!

Zoya Luna

Luna is a pale dusty grey-ish polish with silver glitter. This one is my favorite, I love it. It totally says “winter” and “snow” to me, even though I never, ever see snow in real life. This was three coats.

Zoya Luna Macro
Luna macro shot

Zoya Astra

Astra is pale red/pink color with pink glitter. This one is very appropriate for the holiday season, so pretty! This was three coats.

Zoya Astra Macro
Astra macro shot

Zoya Nova

Nova is a pale purple/pink with pink and silver glitter. This was three coats.

Zoya Nova Macro
Nova macro shot

Overall I like this collection. They are really cool, and would look great layered over other colors as well. If you like glitter, then you’ll love these!

You can find these on their website here, and they retail for $7.00 each.


Written by Kelly
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