It’s hump day and I am BRIMMING with excitement over what I have to show you today! I was so freakin excited about these that the second I got home yesterday and saw them, I ripped into the package and immediately started swatching them. Ok, I did it after I fed my dog and cats, but still!

Zoya introduces us to three new fabulous MatteVelvet limited edition colors for winter 2009. These are no ordinary matte’s, these my friends, are the creme of the crop, the coup du grace, the topping on the ice cream sundae, you get my drift.

You have seen a lot of matte polishes lately, but you haven’t seen mattes like these yet. The colors are gorgeous and would be no matter what finish they were. But the fact that they are matte makes them that much more interesting.

The formula is fantastic. They are totally opaque in two coats and dry quick but not the second you lay down the polish. Have a peek!

Zoya Harlow

Harlow is a rose colored pink matte with shimmer. Totally beautiful, this was the one I expected to like the least but wound up liking 2nd best!

Zoya Harlow Glossy
Harlow with top coat

Harlow with the top coat comes ALIVE, it’s so shimmery and shiny!

Zoya Veruschca

Veruschuka is an evergreen matte shimmer, but this doesn’t look that matte does it? It’s strange, it’s almost not a matte, but it doesn’t dry as glossy as most regular polishes either. There is the least amount of difference on this one in the “before” and “after”.  Either way, I still like it a lot!

Zoya Veruschca Glossy
Veruschuka with top coat

See what I mean, it’s not that different from the picture above with the top coat.

Zoya Savita

Savita is what they describe as a plum grey, but to me it’s more of a grape blurple. This definitely has a lot of blue in it. This is GORGEOUS and my favorite one. But wait until the top coat…

Zoya Savita Glossy
Savita with top coat

Holy bejesus, I am drooling over this. You can see all the pink shimmer come out so much with a top coat. I couldn’t stop looking at my hands in the sun they were mesmerizing!

Clearly Zoya gets an A+ on this collection from me. These are the most interesting matte colors I have seen yet and I will be wearing all of them both with and without a top coat a lot this season I suspect. Remember these are limited edition, so get ’em while you can! These will be available September 15th (you can pre-order now) and will retail for $7.00. You can find them here.

So spill, who’s getting what?  Inquiring minds wanna know!


Written by Kelly
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