Morning hump day humpers!

By now you’ve heard that Urban Decay is back in the nail polish biz, which is, as Martha Stewart would say, a good thing!

I remember many, many moons ago buying some Urban Decay nail polish and totally loving the crazy, dark, glittery colors they had. Their slogan was “Does pink make you puke?” and yes, yes it did. This was WAY back in my early 20’s which was a lifetime ago. Sadly, I wasn’t as nice to my makeup back then as I am now and when something was old, I tossed it without a further thought.

What I always loved about Urban Decay right from the beginning was that they rebelled against the “norm” and offered a range of really dark, cool colors that no one else had. I also loved, and still love the names. They are the kind of brand that girls who are into heavy metal love (as opposed to say Mary Kay) and ALL my friends like their stuff!

But now it’s redemption time because they have seven new mini colors in their Apocalyptic holiday kit and I have ’em all! Check ’em out.

Urban Decay White Widow
White Widow

White Widow is a dove grey/white polish with very subtle silvery shimmer. I love this, it’s a nice deviation from your typical white or pale grey. This was a bit thick going on, so be careful when applying to wait 2 minutes between coats or it could get lumpy or bubbled. This was three coats.

Urban Decay Big Bang
Big Bang

Big Bang is a pink foil with loads of shimmer. I love the effect this foil-like polish has, but honestly, I am not a huge fan of this pink color for me. This was two coats and applied thin and evenly.

Urban Decay Grunge

Grunge is a dark teal blue shimmer. This one is great because it’s very different from other teals or blues that I own, which makes it really unique. The application was great and I only needed two coats.

Urban Decay Fbomb

Fbomb is a medium red creme. Great red, this is very 50’s or “rockabilly” looking to me. Nice thin even application and this is two coats.

Urban Decay Gunmetal

Gunmetal is a chocolate brown with silver shimmer. I don’t know why they called it Gunmetal, it’s definitely more brown than grey or blue. However, I really like it because it’s NOT a regular gunmetal color. This was two coats.

Urban Decay Meltdown

Meltdown is a gorgeous jewel-like royal purple shimmer. I love this one, it’s just amazing in the sun. Great application and opaque in two coats.

Urban Decay Apocalypse

Apocalypse is a SUPER dark purple creme. Very vampy and almost black looking. I used three coats of this one for maximum coverage.

Overall of course I am REALLY pleased that they are back doing polish and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us for the future (Toxin or Gangrene redeux anyone?)

Which ones are you jonesing for?


Written by Kelly
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