Over the last year I had been on the hunt for my #1 lemming which was China Glaze Out On Safari. I had looked high and low, and no one seemed to be selling it on eBay or anywhere else online. Then recently, I saw new swatches of it on Flickr so I emailed the person to ask her where she got it. I was really hoping whoever sold it to her had another that they would sell me. Well she responded and said she was actually a fan of my blog! She found the color in a local salon by her house and he told me that she never used it, other than to swatch it once, and would I like to have it? I almost screamed with delight, I was so excited. I asked her if she was SURE she just wanted to give it up and she said yes.

When I got it in the mail it was in a huge box. I was like, wow that’s a lot of box for one polish. When I opened it up there were TWENTY THREE other polishes in the box!!! She sent me twenty four polishes out of the kindness of her heart for free! Some of these brands I have never even heard of before. I am so grateful to her for this, people amaze me sometimes. 🙂

So you HAVE to check out her Flickr stream, she has great photos (and nails) and also does incredible eye makeup (she’s a MAC makeup artist). Her account is Lextard. Also be sure to check out her makeup pics on the right hand column, especially the FOTD’s, they rock and I sure wish I had her skillz!

My Haul
The Haul

This includes the following from back row starting on left. Back row: Be! Nail Lacquer in La Conquistadora, Constance Carroll in Odyssey, Sinful Colors in Rich In Heart, Wet n Wild in Vamp, Constance Carroll in Damson, Nicole by OPI in Show You Care,
Toma in Crimson, OPI in Who Comes Up with These Names?, Icing Conga Anyone, OPI Mmm…Vould You Like a Lick-tenstein?, Naturistics Fools Gold, Middle row: Milani Green Glow, Milani Key Lime Shine, L.A. Girl Army Green, Piggy Polish Elf,
Mary Kay Silver Wear, Pure Ice Forsted Ice Sea Breeze, Icing Grasshopper, Ulta Black Cherries, First row: Estee Lauder Red Lights, China Glaze Visible Shivers, China Glaze Emerald Lake, China Glaze Out On Safari, MBS Army

Three very old China Glaze colors which are Visible Shivers, Emerald Lake and Out On Safari

Estee Lauder Red Lights

I don’t know anything about this one, but suspect it’s hard to find for some reason.

MBS Army

I have never heard of this brand before, but I LOVE this color!

China Glaze Out On Safari

I will be doing swatches of some of these in upcoming posts also.

Have a great Sunday!


Written by Kelly
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