Good afternoon all!

I got my MAC Style Black nail lacquers in and had to show them right away because they are so cool. There are three in this collection but I didn’t get Nocturnelle because it’s just a solid black creme, and I have a gazillion of those already.

The formula for both of these was pretty good. They do seem a wee bit thick, but nothing to panic about. After the first coat just let it dry for about 2 minutes, then apply a second coat and you are good to go. Check them out!

MAC Baby Goth Girl
Baby Goth Girl

Baby Goth Girl is a dark purple with red shimmer and different sized gold glitter flakes. I love it because it’s unique and very fall looking. I also love the flake glitter rather than the typical round shape, it makes it more interesting to me. This was two coats.

MAC Baby Goth Girl Macro
Baby Goth Girl macro shot

MAC Seriously Hip
Seriously Hip

Seriously Hip is a dark olive green with gold and red shimmer and the same flake gold fake glitter. The base color is kind of similar to other olive/khaki green’s like China Glaze Wagon Trail or Chanel Or De Russie, but this is different because this has flake glitter and red shimmer and neither of those do. If you love green or olive colors like me, you MUST own this one. Two coats here.

MAC Seriously Hip Macro
Seriously Hip macro shot

I am super duper happy with both of these. I had thought I would be getting a lot more from Style Black judging from the promo pics, but when I saw everything actually swatched, I wasn’t really impressed with anything but the polishes. I did get the legendary Volcanic Ash Exfoliator though because I have read about it on countless blogs over the last year, and it’s limited edition.

You can find these polishes in MAC stores or online now, and they retail for $12.00.

What are you going to get from Style Black?


Written by Kelly
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