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Today instead of showing you nail polish, I am going to do a review of a brand spankin’ new mascara by L’Oreal called Telescopic Explosion Mascara in black. This is an honest review of this product, which I am not getting paid for.


When I first opened up the package I was like, um ok it looks like a normal mascara, I wonder how this is going to be any different? Then I opened it up and saw the wand and kind of shrieked a little bit in fright.


I have to put this spiky looking thing near my EYE??


Isn’t it reminiscent of the medieval weapon called a flail? Happily however, after getting over my initial shock and fright, I realized it didn’t feel like a flail and that people, is what matters.

This is in fact the first mass market mascara with a spherical brush. It’s patented and they call it a Flexi-Globe Brush. It’s true, the wand and sphere are very flexible and not stiff as you might image them to be. This actually makes it a lot easier to apply the mascara from any direction you please, vertically or horizontally. Because the Flexi-Globe Brush is so small and flexible you can reach all the way to the lash line easily, and get those hard to grab tiny corner lashes with ease.

The formula of this is also really great and smooth. It seems like every single mascara that comes out boasts about how their formula is non-clumping, but we all know most of them clump anyway. This one actually is pretty non-clumping (with one coat – more on that later). They also added what they call a “soft-wax” system that includes paraffin, jojoba oil, palm oil and Pro-Vitamin B5, all which help make the formula soft.

A few more great benefits in using this is that it’s Ophthalmologist and allergy tested which means those who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes are good to go.


This is my eye with no mascara whatsoever on. Sad, isn’t it?


This is my eye after curling the lashes and adding one coat of the mascara. As you can see it definitely thickened and darkened my poor sparse pale lashes quite nicely. I had no trouble getting to the root of my lashes, and no issues with clumping either.


This is my eye after two coats. It’s thicker and made my lashes slightly more extended. I did have a tiny bit of clumping with this second coat, but I swiped an eyelash comb through it really quickly, and that took care of it.

I ran this mascara through the testing gamut! One day I wore it to work and had a 5:00 pm appointment for physical therapy. So once I got to my appointment I had already been wearing it for more than 11 hours (yes I get up THAT early). For 20-25 minutes of the appointment I am laying down on my stomach with my face pretty much smushed into a tiny hole while getting my shoulder/back worked on. This is after laying on hot, wet towels and having a hot neck thingie (yes that’s the technical term for it) wrapped around me for 15 minutes. I thought for sure that when I got up I would have makeup smeared all over my face because that’s what normally happens. But amazingly I didn’t! I really was surprised, I didn’t expect that this mascara would last through that with no sign of smudging, especially because it’s not waterproof, but it really did. That sold me on it and I am not exaggerating.

L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara comes out in November of 2009 and will retail for $9.49. It comes in two colors, Black and Blackest Black.

Overall I am very impressed with this mascara and have worn it quite a few times over the last three weeks. L’Oreal has been my go-to brand for mascara for about 20 years up until recently when I started using Dior DiorShow. However this is a great, less expensive alternative to that, and it actually is better for getting all my lashes covered.

Vampy Varnish Rating: B+


Written by Kelly
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