Good afternoon vampy’s!

I’ve got a Korean brand of nail polish to show you which you may or may not have heard of. It’s called Guppy. I have been meaning to show these for an eternity, but since I am like 2 months behind on posts, I am just now getting to them.

Now I don’t know much about the company and there isn’t much information online, but I do know that they have some great colors and I like what I got! These came from a seller on eBay who was really fantastic. She got everything to me SUPER fast, like within 2-3 days and they were only $2.50 each. Peep ’em.

Guppy 77

#77 is a shimmery, metallic light olive green with heavy flashes of yellow. The shimmer is gold, light green and pink. The formula was fantastic on this as was the brush. I was pretty impressed for such cheap polishes actually. This was three coats.

Guppy 32

#32 is a medium purple creme. Been there, done that, but it was still nice. This was three coats.

Guppy 04

#04 is a REALLY bright Dodger blue creme. I mean BRIGHT. This was fairly sheer so I definitely needed three good coats for maximum opacity. I really like this one on fair skin!

Guppy 64

#64 is a blackened plum base with shimmer. It gives off an overall shade of shimmery dark grape. The shimmer, which you can see below in the macro shot, is green, red and pink. The formula was super fabulous on this one also, just amazing and opaque in two coats.

Guppy 64 Macro

#64 macro shot

I like these a lot and for the price I will probably be buying some more soon!

Have you heard of this brand before? What are your favorites here?


Written by Kelly
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