Happy Saturday morning!

Today I’ve got CND’s Blackjack to show you with the effects. There is definitely a difference in Blackjack compared to some of the lighter colors with the effects, as you’ll see.

A couple people had requested that I also show you what the effects look like over my bare nail so you could see them on their own. I was happy to oblige, so I’ll show you those swatches soon!

Oh and I forgot to actually take a picture of Blackjack on it’s own so to let you know, it’s basically a solid black creme. I used two coats.

CND Blackjack with Effects
lackjack with Ice Blue Shimmer on thumb, Sapphire Sparkle on pointer, Amethyst Sparkle on middle, Emerald Shimmer on ring and Jade Sparkle on pinky.

Because Blackjack is a solid black color the effects came out either deeper or brighter with this one. It’s pretty interesting how it works depending on the polish color!

CND Blackjack with Ice Blue Shimmer
lackjack with Ice Blue Shimmer

Ice Blue Shimmer is a deeper blue with Blackjack underneath. I love this.

CND Blackjack with Sapphire Sparkle
lackjack with Sapphire Sparkle

Sapphire Sparkle also has a more blue/black effect.

CND Blackjack with Amethyst Sparkle
lackjack with Amethyst Sparkle

Same goes for Amethyst Sparkle, just darker.

CND Blackjack with Emerald Shimmer
lackjack with Emerald Shimmer

Emerald Shimmer was the only one that came out much brighter! It also looks a lot more green than with some of the other polish colors.I love the way this looks.

CND Blackjack with Jade Sparkle
lackjack with Jade Sparkle

Jade Sparkle looks pretty much the same as it did on some of the other dark polishes I swatched, but with a slightly more “olive” cast to it.

Watch out for the final (for now) installment in my CND Colour Effects week long series!


Written by Kelly
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