Good Wednesday morning everyone!

Today I am showing you possibly the most perfect Halloween polish ever. It’s by China Glaze, and it’s called Fortune Teller. This is a Sally’s exclusive, and if you don’t have it already you must try to find it, it’s amazing!

The formula is really excellent on this, its thick and chunky, but also very opaque. You will only need two coats. It does tend to be rough feeling because of all the glitter, but a good thick top coat will help with that. Peep it out!

China Glaze Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller is a black jelly base filled with orange glitter. The glitter is both small & round AND small, medium & large hexagon shaped.  I love it, it’s quite simply perfect. As I mentioned I only needed two coats and it’s just fabulous.

I probably won’t wear polish on Halloween night as it doesn’t really go with my costume, but I might wear it the rest of Halloween weekend! Oh and in case you were wondering just what I am going to be, the plan is Anne Boleyn. I am pretty sure she didn’t wear polish, sadly. Oh and don’t worry, I will be posting pics 🙂

China Glaze Fortune Teller Macro
Fortune Teller macro shot

You can really see the shapes in this up close and personal shot, lovely no?

Get it while it’s hot people!


Written by Kelly
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