Morning everyone!

I’m off to Vegas tomorrow for a girls trip. SO excited to see my friend who lives in another state that I haven’t seen in 7 years. As far as my mani for the trip, my poll determined that MAC Dry Martini was the fan fav, so that’s what I’m gonna wear. Don’t know what color for my pedi yet though…

Today I’ve got a collection form BB Couture called For Men. This is a really nice collection made up of 6 polishes that are more muted and slightly toned down, as opposed to say a bright flamingo pink with glitter.

The idea behind this collection was that men would find it appealing because they are really cool colors that look kind of like construction or military apparatus’s. Is that even a word? I kind of don’t think so but I’m using it anyway. 🙂

Now you DO NOT have to be an actual man to wear these of course. These totally attracted me to them because I love toned down colors that look different.

BB Couture changed the bottle shape to look a little more man friendly also, they are square, as opposed to the usual rounded design. I actually like this style better because my hand grips the bottle better. Who knows, maybe they’ll keep it! Check them out and let me know what you think!

BB Couture Widow Maker
Widow Maker

Widow Maker is a taupe-y concrete shimmer. Its really super duper cool because A. I have nothing like it and B. it has tiny specks of black in it that make it look even more like concrete. The formula was fantabulous and I only needed two coats.

BB Couture Widow Maker macro
Widow Maker macro shot

See the black flecks? LOVE that!

BB Couture 45 Caliber
45 Caliber

45 Caliber is a very metallic silver with some shimmer in it. This is a great metallic polish and it reminds me of brushed stainless steel. How manly is that? It was a wee bit streaky so be careful with application. This was two coats.

BB Couture Blue Steel
Blue Steel

blue steel

Blue Steel is a dark charcoal metallic with shimmer. I love this one, it’s not quite as metallic as 45 caliber. Still it’s a tiny bit streaky, as metallics tend to be, but no big deal. This was two coats.

BB Couture Military Blue
Military Blue

Military Blue is a vivid medium blue shimmer. This one is really jewel like and has a nice glow about it. The formula was really great and creamy and I only needed two coats.

BB Couture Grenade

Grenade is an olive green with loads of multi-colored shimmer. THIS IS STUNNING PEOPLE! If you only get one of these, get this one. So amazing. Great formula and it applied perfectly in two coats.

BB Couture Night Ops
Night Ops

Night Ops is a deep watery looking navy blue with tons of light blue shimmer. This is another one that almost glows, it’s just beautiful, especially in the sun. Nice and opaque in two coats.

Overall I am really super impressed with this collection. I know lots of women who would love these colors. I know a few men that might like the colors, but would never ever wear nail polish, LOL. Either way male or female, the colors and formula rocks and you should definitely check them out. You can find these here and they retail for $9.00 each.


Written by Kelly
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