Happy hump day! Today we have some artificial nails from Nail Bliss called Drama Queen nails. These are really cool, funky designs geared towards the younger or “more daring” set. 

What I love about these is that they are on the short and small side. Most of the artificial nails I have come across are way too wide for my nail bed and insanely long, so these seemed perfect in that way. Also, these came with both adhesive tabs and glue so you can either wear them for a few hours or a day with the adhesive tabs or up to a week if you glue them on. Check ’em out.

I think these are just so freakin cute with the little skeleton surrounded by gold glitter and the plaid pink, red, black and gold french tip. The nail color itself is like a very milky pale pink. Inside the kit there are 24 nails in 12 different sizes so it was easy for me to find the perfect fit. Those with wide nails beds or who like more than a 1/4 inch of length on their nails might want to look at a different type of nail.

When I applied these I used the glue tabs and I had done quite a few swatches with them so they started to get worn. One thing I don’t like about having such a natural colored nail (except for the tip of course) is that if you don’t have the tab completely flat with no bubbles or creases, it will show, as you can see from this pic on my pointer. It’s definitely doable though, I was just rushed when I did these so I didn’t take the time to get them perfect. Another thing I liked about these is that the base of the nail towards the cuticle matched my natural shape better than some other brands.

These are totally above and beyond what I would ever really wear on my nails but the design was so cute and funky I had to try them out. I love the silver tips and scrolly design! 

I also used adhesive tabs with these and they really didn’t show up at all under the nail which was great. The nail is basically clear, but it’s sprinkled with some glitter and then of course the scroll design. These fit me really well, and again are short and small sized.

Ok I got REALLY lazy here and didn’t file off the edge where these snap off from the application tab they come with, sorry! But they are cute, right?

Nail Bliss Drama Queen Nails

Price: $5.99
Where to buy: Sally’s Beauty Supply, Walgreen’s, CVS, etc.
Vampy Varnish rating: A-

You might want to try these if:

  • You like a short length and have smaller nail beds
  • You like funky design that looks “young”
  • You want a cool, temporary design for a few days

Hump Day!

It’s hump day and I just can’t wait to get through the rest of this week! How has your week been going so far? I just finished book 4 of the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series and will be starting book 5 later on. I’m also watching season 1 on DVD. Can I get a shout out from any Sookie fans out there?

Written by Kelly
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