Essie has created a mini polish set exclusively for Nordstrom and fall 2009. There are four colors in this collection, which are all really nice, however I’m not sure anything is totally *original*.

The same day that I received these, I also received Essie’s new Matte About You top coat. I decided that it would be the perfect time to swatch these along with the matte top coat to give you an idea of what it can do. Check ’em out.

Angora Cardi

Angora Cardi is a raisin colored mauve creme polish that screams “fall” to me. It’s very pretty and flattering and I wound up liking it on me a lot more than I thought I would. The application was great, though a little harder to apply because of the smaller brush. This was three coats.

Angora Cardi with Matte About You

Here we have Angora Cardi with the matte top coat. Looks fabulous, no? I really like this because it’s not that chalky *blah* matte, it’s satiny and smooth and really cool looking.

Midnight Cami

Midnight Cami is a really awesome dark midnight blue shimmer. Though it looks similar to a lot of other dark blue shimmers I have seen, I still really like it, especially in the light. This was two coats.

Midnight Cami with Matte About You

I LOVE the way this looks with the matte top coat! It’s what I was hoping OPI’s Russian Navy Matte was going to look like when I swatched it, but no. It’s just so much better to have a satiny matte finish rather than chalky and dry looking.

Mink Muffs

Mink Muffs is a beautiful deep taupe creme that I totally love BUT it is a dupe to OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques! I can never get enough of this color, it’s so cool. This was three coats.

Mink Muffs with Matte About You

Mink Muffs with the matte top coat is exactly what I had been hoping OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques! Matte was gonna look like, but AGAIN nooooooo (do you sense a pattern here?)! While the colors are exactly the same, this is so silky looking, it’s really amazing.

Pink Parka

Pink Parka is a neon flamingo pink creme and when I say neon, I mean NEON, this pic doesn’t show you HOW bright it really is. This color seemed like a strange pick to go with these other ones and doesn’t seem very fall-ish to me, but that’s ok. This went on very smooth and nice and was two coats.

Pink Parka with Matte About You

The difference between the regular Pink Parka and the one with the matte top coat isn’t huge, but it’s definitely still there. The finish reminds me more of how OPI’s La-Pazitively Hot matte came out, which was the only one they had that wasn’t chalky.

You can find this mini collection on Nordstrom’s website here and the pack retails for $17.00.

I like this collection but don’t think it’s something that a lot of people will wind up getting since most polish fanatics already have colors very similar to most of these.

What I was most excited about was their Matte About You top coat and I am totally going to be swatching a lot of other Essie’s in the near future to show you what they look like matte!

Written by Kelly
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