Here begins a four part series of my Zoya exchanges. I exchanged 19 old polishes that I didn’t love for some spankin’ new Zoya’s, I mean who could resist that offer? So here we go with Part I, enjoy!

Addison is kind of a strange color on me. It’s a flesh colored taupe-y pink with light gold shimmer. It looked super duper neutral on me, which is fine, but generally I like something with more *pizazz*. The application was great, as most Zoya’s are. This was three coats.

Akyra is a gorgeous emerald green shimmer with a blueish tone to it. It reminds me of the sea and mermaids. I really like this one a lot, it’s very different from my other greens. This was three coats.

First off I would like to say my nails look like crap here! No, those are not bubbles, that is in fact pieces of cotton ball remnants left on my nail so they look somewhat “lumpy”. Sexy right? Anyway the color itself is really cool. It’s like a brown that had pinkish hues to it and lots of fine gold shimmer. This was three coats.

Areetha is FABULOUS! I am not usually a metallic fan, but this one really rocks. It’s a silvery lavender/grape color and I had zero streaky issues! Yay! I believe this was only two coats.

Ashley is kind of “meh” for me. The color just doesn’t do much for my skin. It’s a burnt red creme that has a tinge of brown in it. I think this would look really nice on a darker skin tone than mine. This was three coats.

Written by Kelly
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