I was super duper excited to try Sula nail polish and today I am bringing you their five latest colors. In case you don’t know anything about Sula, they are water based nail polishes that actually peel off. You don’t need remover to take it off, just peel. I think that might be my favorite part, removing them, it’s satisfying somehow. They also have hardly any odor whatsoever and are big three free.

Instructions: As far as instructions, the bottle says to paint two coats onto your clean and natural nail. You can use a base and top coat to extend the life and make them last more like regular polishes. Without a base and top coat though, they are not supposed to last as long as most polishes, so don’t expect a long life of wear. Also once you have painted them, you are supposed to avoid contact with hot water for at least 3 hours.

Application: Here’s the thing…these are SOOOOOO streaky and gloopy it’s almost impossible to apply them decently. They showed every single ridge and flaw on my nails (I tried them like it said, with no base or top coat) and they never seemed to dry smoothly. It’s weird, when you apply them it looks smooth but then as it’s drying the streaks show up like crazy. I needed three coats for all of these and even then, they were not even. But the thing is, the polish doesn’t “level” very well, so you wind up with areas that are thicker than others. It dries to a rubbery feel after only like 2 minutes, very strange! I did put a top coat on one nail to test it out and it definitely helped with the streaks.

Removal: Amazingly it really did peel off after being on my nails for only 4-5 minutes. It doesn’t peel off in one gigantic piece though, which I was hoping for. I also tried taking it off with regular remover and it took a wee bit longer to get off than normal polish, but not much. One thing to note, when you use a top coat, the peeling is not as easy so it kind of defeats the purpose of “Paint and Peel”.


Slate is what I would call a putty color. I love this odd color, but as you can see the application just didn’t work. Check out my pointer and middle fingers, you can clearly see the streaks and it’s already totally dry.


Dove was definitely the worst of the bunch in terms of unevenness. This was three coats and you can see spots all over the place where it just didn’t want to cover my nail (it’s not the lighting). Again I love the color which is a sort of greyish taupe, but just not with this application.


Moss was a little better in terms of streaks. I love this color and Moss is a perfect name since this is true moss green. This is one I am definitely going to try to work with because the color is unique compared to other greens I have and I REALLY want it to work!


Azure was even better still. It’s weird how they started to get better & better after each one I tried. Anyway, Azure is a really pretty teal that leans towards the green side of teal. You can still see the streaks but it evened out nicely with a top coat (this is the one I tried, but didn’t take pics of, drat!).


Royal is a pretty royal blue, as the name suggests. I had some strange issues with this one. Not so much streaks as it wanted to show the texture of my nails, like weird bumps or something. I dunno!

Overall these polishes were the strangest ones I have tried, no lie! I think that playing around with base and top coats might help in the application, though I’m not sure how much time I want to spend doing that! I really like all of these colors a lot, I just wish they would work on their formula some more. I don’t believe these colors are online yet, but I would keep checking out their website if you are interested. They retail for $10.00 each.

Written by Kelly
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