I have a REALLY cool giveaway for one lucky person (sorry, US residents only)! Kiss My Face has generously provided me with a TON of products for me to try and a set for me to give away!


Kiss My Face started 25 years ago by two young guys living on an organic farm. They decided to create an organic beauty product and so they created a huge bar of soap created with olive oil from Greece. They brought the soap to New York City to sell and got a great response from retailers, who bought up everything they had. So they decided to launch a company called Kiss Organics and it was the very first line of facial care products created with organic ingredients. They don’t test on animals, they don’t use animals ingredients, they don’t use artificial colors or unnecessary chemicals.

The Loot:

  • 1 bottle of Antioxidant Toner
  • 1 bar of soap
  • 1 tube of Creamy Face Cleanser
  • 1 tube of Exfoliating Face Wash
  • 1 tube of Deep Cleansing Mask
  • 1 tube of Jojoba & Mint Facial Scrub
  • 1 tube of Ester C Serum
  • 1 tube of Facial Creme & Sunscreen
  • 1 tube of Botanical Acne Gel
  • 1 tube of Intensive Repair Night Creme
  • 1 tube of Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer
  • 1 tube of Brightening Day Creme
  • 1 tube of Eye Repair Creme
  • 1 tube of Sheer Organic Shine Gloss in Pearl
  • 1 tube of Sheer Organic Shine Gloss in Opal
  • 1 tube of Sheer Organic Shine Gloss in Ruby
  • 1 tube of Sheer Organic Shine Gloss in Amethyst
  • 1 tube of Sheer Organic Shine Gloss in Topaz
  • 1 tube of Sheer Organic Shine Gloss in Garnet
  • 1 stick of Sheer Organic Shimmer in Pearl
  • 1 stick of Sheer Organic Shimmer in Opal
  • 1 stick of Sheer Organic Shimmer in Ruby
  • 1 stick of Sheer Organic Shimmer in Amethyst
  • 1 stick of Sheer Organic Shimmer in Topaz
  • 1 stick of Sheer Organic Shimmer in Garnet

CRAZY RIGHT?? Check out swatches below!

These are swatches of the Sheer Organic Shine Glosses. I also have done my first real  lip gloss swatches below so please forgive me if the pics aren’t great. I am just trying to give you a sense of what the colors actually look like on. One thing to note about these glosses, if you don’t like the smell and taste of mint you will not like these because they are VERY minty and “natural” smelling!

Pearl is a frosty beige that was light and pretty. The application was nice and not too runny or thick.

Opal is a light pink frosty gloss that also was very flattering on fair skin and the application was perfect.

Ruby is a deeper shimmery pink that went on very sheer and glossy. It doesn’t have the same frosted effect as the previous two.

Amethyst is definitely not for fair girls, it’s a darker purple/pink that didn’t work on me at all. Application was good but I noticed it settled into the lines in my lips immediately and that’s a huge pet peeve of mine with lip gloss!

Topaz is a dark coppery brown gloss that didn’t look good on me but would work for those with darker skin tones. This one too settled into the lip lines.

Garnet is a dark ruby red gloss that looked terrible on me and was a flat out MESS to apply! It was runny and completely uneven and almost impossible to get it applied decent for a picture. You can see it settling in the lip lines also. The color is nice for some skin tones I am sure, but the application was god awful. Maybe my tube was defective or extra warm & runny?

You can find Kiss My Face products at
a variety of stores across the US, including Whole Foods. You can also
find them online at Amazon and Drugstore.com.

Written by Kelly
Vampy Varnish is dedicated to showing high resolution makeup and nail polish swatches, and providing honest product reviews.