The Cherish collection for summer 2009 is my first experience with the Spa Ritual brand. I really like the bottle design, it’s unique and somehow very pleasing to hold. The bottle top has a “grippy” texture to it which makes the caps easy to open, especially when you have lotion slathered all over your hands. I didn’t have any application issues with these other than where mentioned below. Pics taken in sun with no top coat.

Adore is a very pretty light pinky golden with gold colored shimmer. It’s a very neutral color (at least on fair skin) so it would be great for a conservative work place or function. This was a bit sheer so I needed three coats.

Marvel is a really nice mauve shimmer that I think is on the more conservative side also, but with a slight edge to it. This one has blue undertones to it so it looked great on me, but might not work for all skin tones. This one also was three coats.

Delight was my favorite of this collection, though it was not without it’s problems. This is FOUR COATS people and it’s still a bit sheer! But the color is so unique that I really don’t give a damn! The color is a very light watery sea foam green that is just stunning on. I didn’t have a base coat on in the pic, so I am going to try again and see if that helps with the streakiness.

Love is a really pretty medium bright pink creme with blue undertones. It was very flattering on me, but not sure how it would work with more olive colored skin. This was three coats.

Treasure is one of those colors that looks great in the bottle, but not on me! The polish is a goldenrod yellow with orange shimmer and it completely clashes with my skin, unfortunately. This too was three coats.

Revere is another one that was pretty in the bottle, but just wasn’t right for my skin tone (but loads better than Treasure!). The color of this is a medium orange with lots of fine gold shimmer. This was three coats.

All in all I really liked the Spa Ritual colors and application. All these ran on this sheer side, but I would rather that than thick sticky polish. I had no bubbling or cuticle drag issues so I am really pleased with them. You can find Spa Ritual

here and they retail for $7.95 each. They don’t have this collection posted yet, but should soon.

Have you ever tried their polish before and what do you think of this collection?

Written by Kelly
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