Yahoo, it’s Friday and the weekend is almost here! Since it’s going to be a nice clear and sunny weekend for us here in the Bay Area, I thought I would show you the new Pastel Fever Spring 2009 collection from Nubar. This is my first trip down Nubar lane and I have mixed feelings about it. As you might know, chalky pastels are notoriously hard to pull off. They tend to be runny and streaky and these were no exception to that “rule”. I had great luck with some of the colors and not such great luck with others. I will not be judging Nubar’s formula by this collection alone though, since I think that I would run into the same issues with any brand that put out pastels. All pics taken in sun with no top coat. I put them in order from my least to most favorite. Enjoy!

Pastel Fever Collection
Isn’t the package it comes in so cute? I had to take a pic to show you how snuggly they look inside their plastic beds.

Baby Pink
Baby Pink was my least favorite because it’s simply not enough pigmentation for me. I did run into a lot of streakiness with this one (as I did with all the pinks) but it finally pretty much settled out after 3 coats. This is a super light pink.

Oh Baby Pink
Oh Baby Pink had the same issue with streakiness, but evened out again after 3 coats. It’s a light/medium pink.

Pink Creme
Pink Creme is the “Pepto Bismol” pink of the bunch. It too had streakiness and was 3 coats. I liked this the best of the pinks, but still not a color I see myself wearing a lot.

Baby Blue
Baby Blue is a really nice, um, baby blue! What I like about these pastels is that they all look exactly on your nail as they do in the bottle, so there is no guessing what it might turn out like. This one too was streaky, but not as bad as the pinks. This is 3 coats.

I don’t get why some of these names are really cute and some are so plain, bit whatever! This is exactly what it’s called, Lavender. It was really pretty and not super streaky. This was only 2 coats (Hallelujah!).

Lemon Sorbet
Lemon Sorbet caused me LOTS of problems with MAJOR streakiness and cuticle drag, but I managed to somewhat work it out. I love, love, love this color yellow on my skin, so this turned out to be one of my favs. This is actually 4 coats here because I didn’t really try to get it even. I think 3 coats would probably be the norm, if I wasn’t just slappin’ it on.

Orange Creme
Yay, an orange that looks good on me! Orange Creme is super fabulous and not that streaky. I only needed 2 coats for this one. So hard to find a good orange for me, so I think this is one of my favs now.

Green Tea
Green Tea, of course, is my favorite of the bunch. This one was almost not even a pastel, really. When I think of pastel green I think of “mint green” and I am SO glad this one wasn’t! It’s a super awesome Kermit the Frog green creme and nary a streak in sight. This only needed two coats, yay!

Overall I give this collection a 7 out of 10 stars because there were some that were very difficult to get even. I think the key with these pastel colors is to have a really good base coat and a lot of time and patience. Getting the coats on evenly is super important as well. This collection can be found here and costs $6.99 per bottle, or $45.00 for the whole collection.

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Written by Kelly
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