Good afternoon! Today I am bringing you some fabulous Sephora by OPI polishes I recently picked up. In case you don’t know, they have recently re-stocked all their polishes at Sephora, so what was once sold out, should now be available! Have AT IT! The formulas on these were all fantastic. No bubbles, no streakiness just smooth like glass. All pics taken in sun with no top coat.

Opening Night
Isn’t she lovely? First off let me say I LOVE this color on me, but hmmm have I seen it before somewhere? Why yes! In fact it’s a dupe for OPI’s Yoga-Ta Get This Blue! which you can see my swatches of here (scroll down to the bottom). So I would say don’t buy both if you have neither, but definitely get one if you have none! Oh and this was only two coats because it was super pigmented, fabulous no?

Meet For Drinks

Cranberry deliciousness! Meet For Drinks is just lovely. It’s a jewel toned deep red/pink with massive shimma. One thing to note, my pictures didn’t want to show the true color of this puppy for some reason. This pic shows it as pinker and slightly lighter than it really is. It’s definitely more reddish and deeper than this. This is two coats here.

I’m With Brad
Mmmmmm I’m With Brad. First off I would rather it be named I’m with David (as in Beckham) because Brad and Angelina Jo-Lip (as I like to call her) do nothing for me. But it IS named I’m With Brad so let’s just move past that, shall we? This color is freakin AWESOME! It’s a blackened deep red that is simply divine and looks like it’s *lit from within*. This one does go on a tad sheer at first so I needed three coats. Do you love?

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Vamp it up Peeps!


Written by Kelly
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