Good Sunday Morning! Today I am bringing you some random Zoya swatches. As you may know, I don’t normally wear pink that much, BUT I saw Scrangie do a whole plethora of pink swatches not too long ago and I wanted at least 50% of them for myself! See she started a crazy lemming in me. So I ordered some of the Zoya ones and am showing them to you today, along with some other colors I wanted, but didn’t have yet. All pics taken in sunlight with no top coat.



Isn’t Erika just pretty? I love it. It’s a very light pastel pink with lots of gold shimmer. The gold is really what makes this one stand out. It was pretty sheer, this is three coats, but it went on smoothly and with no issues. Love!


Sweet is a really flattering almost chalky light pink creme. It was a bit streaky at first and took three coats to smooth out and get even coverage but I usually do three coats anyway so it’s not a prob. And look how shiny with no top coat! Another affectionate term I call this one is “Pepto Bismol Pink” and I do not mean anything bad by that. See pic below to see what I am talking about…

Sweet with Target’s version of Pepto.


Here is Whitney, a medium pink creme. I also find this one incredibly flattering and opaque in only two coats! 


Now Kiki is what I would call a blue-ish pink shimmer. The base is medium pink but it has tones of blue running in it and silver sparkle. I am not totally fond of this one, I think it’s a tad *showy* for my hands, but would definitely do a pedi with it in the spring/summer! It’s a great pedi color for going on vacation to Hawaii or Mexico (hmmm tropical island on the brain?).


Part of me bought this color because the pronunciation of the color is the same as my maiden name (diff spelling though), but really, the color spoke to me also. Hard to describe this one. I would say it’s a purple/brown base with silver threads in it. I only used two coats here, but could have used three I think to make it more even. I really like this one a lot and can see wearing it as mani or pedi all fall.


Here is a lovely dark brown creme. The reason it looks a bit messy on my hands here is because my brush had a few strands that were longer than the other so they kept touching my cuticle area as I swiped it on. Other than that this polish is really nice! I did need three coats but it’s a pretty true chocolate brown creme.


Ahhhh Raven. Raven goes on a bit more sheer than some other blacks, but after three coats it’s a jet black with silver shimmer. It’s not silver glitter, this is definitely more subtle. If you are a true black polish fan like I am it’s worth owning, especially because you can wear it with their Color Lock System and get really good wear out of it. If you are kinda like “oh brother, another black, how can this one be different?” then I say bypass it and stick to what makes you happy!

I will be bringing you my Essie swatches today or tomorrow, never fear! Oh and here is an announcement (trumpet sound). I will be having another polish giveaway contest very soon so stay tuned. It’s a color that I guarantee almost everyone I know of loves, so I think you’ll be excited!

Vamp it up!

Written by Kelly
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