Zoya Flourish Winter 2008 Swatches

Good Sunday morning to you! Today I swatched two of my favorite colors from Zoya’s Flourish Winter 2008 line. I only got these two because they just spoke to me when I saw pictures of them online. I do have another order of some slightly older colors from Zoya coming to me hopefully soon, so once I have swatched those, I shall post them for your viewing pleasure. The sun is NOT behaving today (it absolutely poured buckets all day yesterday – so much for “sunny” California!) so I took pics inside and outside as best as I could. I am working on creating a light box so I can swatch painlessly throughout the fall & winter though! As per usual, these were not taken with a top coat. Enjoy!


Just gorgeous! As soon as I saw this color, I knew I had to possess it. It’s SO up my alley! Lately I have really been into browns and this is the nicest one I have seen this season (yes folks, I like it even more than Chanel’s Haute Chocolat!). The indoor pic on your right looks more red than it actually is. The pic outside on the left (when the sun peeked out for a split second) is more true to the color. It’s a beautiful super shimmery brown with tons of gold sparkle. I will be doing a mani later on today with this color as well as their whole color lock system which I just bought. I’ll keep you posted on how it works out for me.


Another really beautiful totally original color! I have nothing like Zara. It’s this really pretty lavender with tons of gold shimmer. And when I say tons I mean tons. My pictures do not do it justice. In the indoor pic on the right you can see a lot of the gold which is what it really looks like. My outside pic (in the rain clouds) shows the lavender base but not much of the shimmer. I am so excited about this one because it’s like nothing else I own, yay!

Vamp it up!