What’s up Peeps? Who here can go to Target for toothpaste and NOT wind up spending $150.00 on clothes, makeup, shoes and scarves? Um, not me! Recently I was at Tarjay and came across some really cute makeup. It was so cute I had to show it here! Both are eyeshadow powders that come in really cute and convenient packaging. So you know how all these expensive designers like Isaac Mizrahi have cheaper lines for Target? Well this is sorta like that…only the prices aren’t cheap! The prices are in fact in line with what you would pay for MAC or Benefit, but I think it’s worth it for some of the items. The first is a line created by Swedish makeup artist, Petra Strand and it’s called Pixi and made in England. The other is a brand called NP Set, made in Germany. Onto the LOOT!

Pixi No. 1 Smokey Eye Wand

Isn’t this super cute? It’s an eyeshadow in a tube that is a really nice dark grey/black with silver sparkle in it. You just un-screw the wand and it comes out with a perfect amount of shadow already on it. Stick it back in and pop back out to do the next eye! It’s super convenient to take on trips because you don’t need to worry about it spilling or cracking. The price of this beauty was $19.00. Love!

NP Set Show Loose Dust Duo in Russia

This one REALLY caught my eye! This is loose powder shadow in a dual ended tube, so you get two colors in one. This one is called Russia. They have 10 different color combos to pick so it was a hard decision. Russia is silver on one end and a grey/lavender on the other and it’s SUPER shimmery! Again you just dip it into the lid and the right amount of powder comes out. I really love this packaging. My main makeup issue when I travel is worrying about cracking my compact eyeshadows, which I have done a lot, so this really makes it simple. It was definitely more pricey at $26.00 a tube, but I didn’t mind because the product and colors are really nice!

Swatch of both Pixi Smokey Eye Wand on the left and the two shadows from NP Set Russia

Written by Kelly
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