Good evening vampy friends! I am highly excited to bring you one of my new best friends named Dior Black Sequins. She’s a beaut! Though this polish is smaller than your average bottle (.33 ounces) and fairly expensive at $19.00, it’s limited edition and in my humble opinion, very worth the $$! Pics taken indoors with flash with no top coat.

Though at first you might think that this is like every other black nail polish with silver, let me tell you it’s not! This one is JAM PACKED with small silver particles and just gleams. The polish went on very nicely and seemed to dry very fast as well. I only needed two coats for full opacity. This is the first Dior nail polish I have ever used and I am impressed. I must say though for me to buy another small bottle at a large price like this, it would have to be a truly spectacular color. I am very happy to add this one to my black collection though!

Vamp it up!

Written by Kelly
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