Welcome to my blog! A bit about me: I am a professional with a “normal” job who also has a fixation with nail polish (varnish, lacquer, paint, glaze, whatever) and makeup (especially MAC and Urban Decay). I also hold a degree in English and rarely have a chance to write (although I am an AVID reader) so this is my opportunity! As you can probably tell from the title of my site, I’m into vampy colors. And by vampy I mean anything that is dark, be it blue, green, gray, black, purple, red or brown. I also am into colors that are off the beaten path and not seen on everyone such as: olive green (lemming alert: I MUST own China Glaze Out On Safari, can anyone help??) mushroom or gray. Although those previously mentioned colors are my favs, I also like a lot of lighter colors as well as silvers, metallics and such. I will tell you right now I could do without most medium red’s and pink’s. Too safe and boring for me! Luckily I work at a company where we can wear whatever we want so I get to experiment on a daily basis if I so choose.

I have only just begun to experiment with my nail picture taking so please bear with me. I am trying to figure out what the best lighting and other factors are so the ones I have already taken may not be the best. I might have to invest in a light box since my house is pretty dark inside. Any pointers would be much appreciated!

I also want to give MAJAH props to a couple blogsites/websites that inspired me to start my own. The Polish Addict, All Lacquered Up, Scrangie and Makeup and Beauty Blog, specifically. I am an avid reader of these (among many others) and am highly impressed with both the professionalism of the writing and the great pictures. Thanks for all you do, I would be honored to have you read my site someday!

One final note for now, I would like to introduce you to my side-kicks who will probably be featured quite a bit on the site since my other obsession is animals (and cupcakes and the Fleur De Lys symbol in case you couldn’t tell…)



Vamp it up!
Written by Kelly
Vampy Varnish is dedicated to showing high resolution makeup and nail polish swatches, and providing honest product reviews.