Too Faced Love Is In The Air Collection

Too Faced Love Is In The Air

Hello! Long time no talk! How are you doing? I am doing well and as you can see, I have a little blogging mojo at the moment so I decided to show you the new Too Faced Love Is In The Air collection. :)

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Quick ‘n Easy Hair Removal with Veet Spray On Cream

This post is sponsored by Veet.

Veet Spray On Cream

Last week I wrote about Veet Gel Cream Hair Remover but now I have something even easier to use – Veet Spray On Cream Hair Remover!

Anything that says “spray on” quickly piques my interest because as you know, I am lazy when it comes to beauty routines, and I like to get things done ASAP! This also intrigued me because it seemed less messy. You don’t even have to touch the product, so that’s another bonus.

Veet Spray On Cream-2

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Cirque Colors Nordstrom Poolside Collection

Cirque Colors Nordstrom Poolside Collection

The Cirque Colors Nordstrom Poolside Collection has arrived at stores for a limited time and I’ve got all the info you need!

This collection is the second one Cirque has done with Nordstrom. This one is inspired by “luxurious days and balmy nights and everything you need to have an amazing time by the pool.” These colors are available now through June 28th at Nordstrom online and eight retail locations which host the pop-in shops (Downtown Seattle, Bellevue Square, San Francisco Centre, Garden State Plaza, Oakbrook Center, Tyson’s Corner Center, NorthPark Center and The Plaza at King of Prussia.)

The formula for these shades was really good as the Cirque formula usually is. I only needed two coats for all colors and they are creamy, shiny, saturated and self-leveling.

Cirque Colors Rita

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Get Smooth Skin Fast with Veet Gel Cream!

This post is sponsored by Veet.

Veet Gel Cream

Hair. It’s something I love when it comes to the kind that sits on top of my head, but not so much anywhere else. Well, except for my eyebrows and lashes and in those cases I wish I had more of it! But as to the hair that lingers elsewhere on my body, especially my legs and underarms, I wish it would just disappear forever.

Luckily for those of us who don’t want to deal with the hassle and major expense of permanent hair removal, there is Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover. I just tried this out and am pretty happy with the results.

Veet Gel Cream-2

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Changes Happening…

Hello all, hope you had a wonderful long weekend (if you are in the US) and wonderful regular weekend if you aren’t!

First of all I would like to say if you saw my update on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook yesterday about blogging I was a bit hasty and didn’t really say what I meant to say. So I figured I would write it all out on my ACTUAL blog.

I’m going to be cutting back on blogging for the foreseeable future. I didn’t mean to imply I won’t be blogging at all anymore (which is what I said basically yesterday) but rather I am going to blog when I feel like it. There are numerous reasons but the main one is the good ‘ole standard that every blogger who has been blogging for this long says: it’s no longer much fun anymore.

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