NYX The Suede Shadow Palette Swatches and Review

NYX The Suede Shadow Palette

NYX The Suede Shadow Palette has recently released as limited edition palette that features 8 jewel-inspired eye shadows.

These eye shadows have a shimmery or pearly finish, and they feel super soft and yes, like suede. The palette itself doesn’t feel like the most sturdy thing on earth because the front panel is just flimsy see-through plastic, and the rest is cardboard. So if you were to pack it in a suitcase or something, I would just take care to pack soft things around it and not crush it.

I found the pigmentation and texture of all of these really nice. They’re so silky, smooth and have great payoff. Most of the shades are warm-toned or neutral ones, so it would work for a variety of skin tones.

NYX The Suede Shadow Palette-2

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Nail Art Wednesdays with Let Them Have Polish – Cling Wrap: The Ultimate Splatter Nail Art Hack!

Nail Art Image

Welcome to another edition of Nail Art Wednesdays with Let Them Have Polish! Hope you like what she has in store for you today!

Hello lovely readers! Today I want to share one of my favorite nail art hacks of all time; cling wrap! Cling wrap “splatter”, or “marble”, looks have been some of my favorites to do for quite some time now. The main reason being that cling wrap manis are insanely easy to do. They are also really fun to work on, and they always yield beautiful results. This is one of those techniques that you can’t really do in a wrong way.

Some of you may be familiar with these cling wrap methods. The reason I say methods is because there are SO many different ways you could use cling wrap to achieve these types of looks. Today I will be sharing two of my favorite ways to use cling wrap.

First thing you will need are your materials. I have a bit of wax paper to use as my working surface, just something I can blob polish onto. I also have my colors, and some bits of crumpled cling wrap. These bits do not need to be very big. Think of your cling wrap as a sponge. You can have as many bits ready just in case you decide to use more colors than I did.


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Pixi Nail Colour in Imperial Blue

Pixi Nail Colour Imperial Blue

Pixi Nail Colour in Imperial Blue is one of the new shades for their fall 2014 release.

Imperial Blue is a very dark blue creme. I was a little disappointed when I saw the bottle in real life because the promo photo made it look much brighter, and more of a cobalt blue. Alas, that photo was very off.

The other shade newly released is called Olive Gold, which I definitely want to try and find! You know me and anything olive green. :)

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Laneige Anti-aging Care Review

Laneige Perfect Renew

Have you heard of the Laneige brand at Target yet? If not, you are going to be finding out a lot about them from me because I have four posts coming up with their products!

Laneige is a skin-care brand created in Korea over 20 years ago. They strongly believe in the power of water in their products, which you can read more about here. I found out about them from watching yet another video from Nicole of Young Wild and Polished. I swear everything she recommends is Gold people, GOLD!

I was really intrigued by them when I saw them in person because the packaging is really gorgeous. It looks like really high-end packaging, but without the sticker shock. Most everything comes in beautiful blue glass (yes glass) bottles. So fancy! Granted, prices are slightly higher than a typical drugstore brand, but nothing compared to say Estee Lauder or Perricone.

Laneige Perfect Renew Emulsion

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MAC x The Simpsons Collection for Fall 2014

MAC x The Simpsons Collection

In case you hadn’t heard, this year marks the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons. To celebrate I bring you the MAC x The Simpsons Collection for Fall 2014!

I have been watching the show since the very beginning, which makes me feel like some kind of ancient dinosaur. I definitely haven’t seen every episode since I never watched them religiously, but I can safely say I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of episodes. So I was really excited to check out this collection when I first heard about it. Yes it’s kind of silly. And yes it’s kind of gimmicky. But I don’t care because it’s fun, cute, and the colors are great!

MAC x The Simpsons Collection That Trillion Dollar Look Quad

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